1. This competition is a recreational competition only. All Products must be grown and produced in California at a facility licensed under CDPH, CDFA, or the BCC and have a test pass in METRC. All licenses must be brought to show as proof at intake. Competitors must deliver their products and provide their BCC license, Certificate of Analysis, manifest documentation and an invoice for a maximum of $.01 per entry made out to our distribution facility . Entries must be delivered with proper labeling for “High Times” with indication of brand name, product name, and category that you are entering.

  2. Competitors must have been paid in full for their entries in order to submit their products into the competition.

  3. High Times will provide each competitor with information on what, where, when and how you may drop off your competition entries to the High Times team. Please follow all instructions. These procedures have been developed to comply with local and state laws. If all instructions are not followed, competitors may risk their chance at entering the competition or having their products scored.

  4. Each competitor agrees to provide intake samples to the designated dispensary or distribution facility, as selected by High Times, at zero cost or at wholesale cost, depending on the local laws and requirements. High Times and each competition entrant shall mutually agree on a price in order to accept the entries into the competition. High Times will set the individual sample and total entry amount per category based on the compliance of local laws.

  5. Competitors may not influence any of the judges

  6. Competitors may not also be judges, and vice versa.

  7. Competitors may enter as many entries per category and as many categories as they wish, however, each competitor may only win up to 1 award per category. The more entries per category, the higher your chances of one of your products winning, but you can only place once per category.

  8. Competitors may request to receive the judges scores and comments for the products they entered.